Diesel Generator Set MOVABLE TRAILER STATION series

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20/30/45KW 68/77/91KW 104/140/160 К W 140KW 160KW 200KW 250/275/300KW 360/400KW 500/520KW 600/800KW
Length (trailer) 3100mm 4700mm 4700mm 4900mm 4900mm 5500mm 5500mm 6100mm 6400mm 7100mm
Width (trailer) 1750mm 1750mm 1750mm 1750mm 1860mm 1960mm 2400mm 2500mm 2500mm 2500mm
Height (trailer) 910mm 950mm 1000mm 1000mm 950mm 1000mm 1100mm 1300mm 1300mm 1300mm
Axle single axle double axles
No. of Wheels 2 4 8
Length (gensets) 2600mm 3200mm 3200mm 3400mm 3400mm 4000mm 4200mm 4800mm 5100mm 5800mm
Width (gensets) 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm 1100mm 1200mm 1300mm 1460mm 2100mm 2100mm 2260mm
Height (gensets) 705mm 705mm 730mm 730mm 705mm 730mm 800mm 1300mm 1300mm 1300mm
Weight (genset) 1000/1050/1100kg 1650/1680/1700kg 2200kg 2580kg 3300kg 3650kg 4150/4250/4370kg 5990/6000kg 7000/7100kg 8500/9900kg
Note 1)engine: Cummins,Perkins,Deutz and China brand engine,etc..
2)Alternator: WTbrushless series, Stamford,Leroy Somer,Mecc alte,etc
3) soundproof type or weather proof type for option.
Accord with standards; GB/T2820.ISO8528.ISO9001.IEC34.VDE0875-N.GB755.EN60034.BS5000.VDE0530. NEMA MG1-32the right to change specification without notice.
In line with our policy of continuous product development,we reserve the right to change specification without notice.

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